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Poster: snow_and_rain Date: Mar 26, 2013 12:15pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: I'm Listening to This, and You Should Too

Such a cute place for a Grateful Dead show!

Here's an earlier review I did over at Transitive Axis.


Pirates World! One of the coolest things about this show has to be the venue, which prompted this review at LMA by someone who goes by cragzop:

"Prior to concert, 5 of us decided to take the ride across Pirates World, sort of an ore bucket thingy. While we're waiting to get into our cage, who's in front of us but Garcia amd his entourage...we wait and they get into the cage...a few mniutes later ( we had an abnormally long wait) we get into our cage...proceed to go 1/2 way across the grounds, about 50 feet in the air, and the ride stops...we decide it is the cops who want to bust us (Fla. in 1970 was, shall we say, intolerant of long hairs) so we start smoking everything we have...3-4 jointz each at a time...paranoid, the ride finally moves and we get to the end and the kid who opens the door says "Garcia told us there were a bunch of heads behind him, and to make sure you got a good long ride."

"best ride of my life."

"57 years old now and man, do I miss the 60s."

This little show is sort of an anomaly for spring 1970--which is full of long, varied setlists—and is righty overshadowed by a number of important shows from this period, as they move toward the May 1970 juggernaut of excellence. The boys had just finished up two BIG nights at the Capitol Theater – each night complete with early and late shows, acoustic sets, debuts (first FOTD, Walking the Dog), break-outs (Deep Elem, Minglewood, Viola Lee), and retirements (final He Was a Friend, the Seven). In short, these were incredible, and probably very tiring, shows. The next month would see more of the same, but here we find the Dead taking a break in sunny Florida, warming up after a cold winter and playing a one-set show at a theme park in Dania.

Here are some images from Pirates World --- looks like a real delight!

photo image_zps85d32360.jpg

photo image_zps85d32360.jpg

And here's a little known shot of the band relaxing in their Cabana Wear. Funny what a little R&R can do for one's appearance.

photo image_zps85d32360.jpg

Overall, this is a worthy listen from a core transitional period, though the “transitional” part isn’t really on display here. This is bread-and-butter Dead for 1970, with lots of action packed into one little show. Lots of good rock-and-roll tunes sandwiching a superb Dark Star> Other One>Stephen suite that must have been an interesting experience for non-Dead Head park-goers.

Morning Dew, Mama Tried, Good Lovin, Don't Ease, Cold Rain, High Time, Dark Star> Other One> St. Stephen> Drums> NFA> Lovelight> Me & My Uncle

It’s a major bummer that Dew is cut, but oh well… In a year without a lot of great soundboards, I find it hard to complain much about cuts and flaws. The sounds quality is raw, Billy’s snare is rattling a little too much, the vocals are a little muddy, but it’s otherwise a pretty excellent mix, and highly-listenable to these ears. I love this version of Mama Tried. It’s raw, but features excellent background jamming and back-up vocals. Good Lovin’ is the first big jam and really delivers. Typical Good Lovin greatness with terrific contributions from Bob. Show is very loose and rockin’ – a good sign. Even Don’t Ease has a lot of extra pep –I love the intro. Big Garcia rock and roll bursts. The band sounds slightly out of tune at times, but not ovely-so. Cold Rain and Snow is nicely paced and well-jammed. High Time is nicely played and sung.

Dark Star is the clear highlight of this show, with a nice bouncy pace right of the bat providing a perfect palette for Garcia’s soaring leads. I’m hearing shades of Mountain jam in the first few minutes even before the first and only verse. Jerry brings it down and then…. an unfortunate cut. You might even miss it if you’re not listening closely, because it picks up in an equally mellow, but decidedly spacier segment. The pace picks and gets a lot more rockin – almost sounds a bit like a frenzied 1970-style Dancin in the Streets jam. This turns out to be a terrific segue into a short Feelin Groovy jam followed by some other groovy stuff and on into what starts to sound like Mountain jam again, but then… they slip into the Other One, as if through a back door.

This is one of only seven Dark Star> Other One combinations, and the last one until 12/31/78. This is a pretty good Other One, and eventually it seems to mimic some of the same themes as Dark Star, though with a harder edge. Other One also ends after only one verse and this is also one of only five instances where the Other One melts down into St. Stephen – a pretty nice version, but not over the top. However, at some point during the Stephen jam I was inspired enough to pick up my guitar and play along and didn’t put it down until about halfway into Lovelight, so that tells me something. It’s harder to judge those parts when you play along, but it seemed pretty great. Superb rocking and rolling continues through Lovelight. Pig’s rap is decent, but again not over the top. A surprise transition to MAMU ends the show on a fun note. "Time's up!" says Jerry. Well that explains all the hurried transitions I guess!

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Poster: William Tell Date: Mar 26, 2013 1:12pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: I'm Listening to This, and You Should Too

Outstanding detective work S&R!?! You should hire out for, wait a minute; no, never mind.